Your popularity increases when another player visits your Space and sends
a gift(the chicken button).

Top 3 players who contributed the most to your popularity will be displayed in the "Your Fans" list.
Also, 10 recent players who sent you a gift(s) will be displayed in the "Recent Interactions" list.

If other players increased your popularity by doing so, you can check your popularity ranking from the
bottom of the lobby screen, [Ranking -> Popularity Ranking].
(TOP100 players will receive a temporary achievement of "Popularity king" or "Popularity rookie".)

※ If you do not wish to show your popularity to other
players, please read the following.

[How to hide your popularity]
1. Select "Avatar Icon" on the top right corner from your lobby screen
2. Select the "pencil" icon left to your [Space] button
3. Category "Connections" > [Turn off] Details