These are the characters you may use in PUBG Mobile. Characters have their distinctive combat characteristics which allow you to come up with your own combat strategies!

1. Victor: SMG reload speed increases as the character level goes up.
2. Sara: Reduces the HP damage of the vehicle you are in as the character level goes up.
3. Carlo: Reduces the damage you receive when falling from a high location as the character level goes up.
4. Andy: Increses gun drawing & holstering speed

You can acquire many different exclusive emotes, outfits, voices and skills when attaching a character during combat or leveling up the character with Exp cards. Sounds like a great system to try out!

Please note that character exclusive skills are only applied in certain modes.

Here's how you can find the character system:
- Press the "Workshop" button at the bottom of the lobby screen, and press the "Character" button.