You can use the 'request' feature to give or take the 'ELITE" version of the Royale pass.
The Royale pass allows you to acquire a wide varity of rewards depending on your RP level.

If you plan on sending an 'ELITE' version of the Royale pass to one of your friends, please read the following.

1. Receive a Royale pass 'Request' email from one of your friends
(It can be sent by going to RP from the lobby screen > Purchase Royale Pass > Request)
2. Select ▲ button on the bottom right of your lobby
3. Select the 'Mail' button
4. Check the 'Request' menu from the Gift center
5. Select the 'View' button on the friend you wish to send the gift to
6. After reading the important notes, select the 'Give' button

※ You can only use the 'Request' feature to the friends whom you have been friends for over 24 hours, over 20 in Synergy and a character level of 3 or higher.
※ The 'Request' feature is only available for the first 7 days sine the start of a new season.
※ Once the 'Request' time has expired, extra 'Requests' cannot be sent.