With the July 21 2020 (Tue) update, PUBG Mobile now features the social media un-linking option.

If you have two social media accounts linked to your PUBG Mobile account,
it is possible for you to un-link one of them by doing the following:

1. Log in with the social media account you wish to keep linked to your PUBG Mobile account
2. Settings (▲ button on the right side of your lobby screen, select Settings)
3. Tap the 'unlink' button on the top of Settings (on the left of the social platform icon)
4. Tap the 'continue' button to un-link your account

In addition, the rules for unlinking accounts have changed to better reflect players' suggestions and to prevent players from forgetting their accounts.

Please refer to the system rules and cautions to note when you unlink your account.

[Rules for unlinking accounts and cautions]
- You can unlink a social media account that you're not logged in with.
- You can only unlink one account if you had linked two social media accounts.
- You can unlink an account only if it's been linked to PUBGM for 21 days or longer.
- The account will be unlinked upon the first login to PUBG after 7 days since you applied for unlinking an account.
- You can withdraw the unlink by logging into PUBG with the social media account you'd like to withdraw within the 7 days of the grace period.