With 1.0.0 update of PUBG Mobile, a new battle mode "Payload 2.0" has been added.

The Payload mode is a survival mode where you can make use of special weapons, a helicopter, and renovated vehicles that are not available in Classic mode.

In Payload 2.0, all vehicles are equipped with a gun or a flame thrower; use them and take advantages in a combat!

In addition, a base appears some time after a match begins; by making use of the AH-Helicopter and Super Weapon Crate that is available after some time here, you can compete against other players to get a better weapon or a high-level armor.

On top of that, you can be strategically advantageous by using UAV Control Terminal, Air Strike Beacon, Man-portable Radar, etc. while reviving your teammates at Communication Tower and Advanced Communication Tower with ID cards of them; don't give up and win a chicken dinner with your teammates.