If your account repetitively gets blocked through auto detection, you may have to experience the inconvenience of your access being blocked for longer periods. In order to avoid this and to enjoy a smooth game experience, please refer to the bullet points below to check your mobile device.

[Confirmed cases of access being temporarily blocked]
1. When an external program that influences the game is running
- Please turn off any programs that are running besides Battlegrounds Mobile.
2. When the application file has been manipulated
- Please delete and redownload your application before you play the game.
3. When an external device or program, which we do not officially support, has been installed/executed
- Please disconnect the external device or delete the program before you play the game.
4. When you have played in a party several times with an illegal program user
- Battlegrounds Mobile takes measures on abusing activities.
5. When other activities that goes against the service policy have been detected

☞ Go to Battlegrounds Mobile's service policy (Korean) (2022.03.17)

Also, if you are continuously blocked temporarily, please press the "File a claim" button to send us the [Detailed information of your blocked access], as listed in the steps below.

1. Execute Battlegrounds Mobile.
2. Log in with your blocked account.
3. Press the "File a claim" button that shows on the pop-up notifying that your access has been blocked to file a claim in the format below.

[Detailed information of your blocked access]
- Character's nickname that has been blocked of access
- Character's ID
- Game screenshot that we can use to confirm the notification of your blocked access