In PUBG Mobile, you may change the location of the in-game control keys according to your convenience.

You may adjust the location from the "Controls" in Settings, and they are categorized into "Classic Mode" and the "Arena Team Mode".

[How to adjust the settings of the control keys]
1. Press the ▲ button at the bottom right corner of the lobby screen.
2. Press the "Settings" button.
3. Press the "Controls" button.
4. Select the mode to configure the control keys from either Classic mode or Arena Team mode.
5. Press the "Customize" button.
6. Set the settings for the control keys and save the changes.

You may also "copy" the control keys settings so that you can easily apply you settings to other modes.

Please note that you may copy the settings only as follows:
1. Classic TPP mode: Able to copy the Classic FPP key layout
2. Classic FPP mode: Able to copy the Classic TPP key layout
3. Arena Team TPP mode: Able to copy the Classic TPP and Arena FPP key layout
4. Arena Team FPP mode: Able to copy the Classic FPP and Arena TPP key layout
※ Unable to copy the layout of Classic mode to that of Arena Team mode.

In addition, select the layout buttons, select Share button, and touch OK button to copy the code.

We recommend using a customized control setting by sharing it!