With the PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update, we have added the "canted sight", which is a new weapon attachment.

This is one of the weapon attachments that you may attach to your guns, along with the red dot sight, holographic, 2X scope, 3X scope, 4X scope, etc.

You may set the canted sight control settings from the "Default" tab as follows:

[How to set the canted sight settings]
1. Press the ▲ button at the bottom right corner in the game lobby.
2. Press the "Settings" button
3. Press the "Default" tab
4. From the canted sight button, select from either "tap to use" or "tap to switch"

You may also see the UI for when attaching the canted sight to your gun after you have picked it up, and you may use the canted sight according to the settings you have selected.

- When "Tap to use" is selected: Aim with a canted sight right after you tap the button

- When "Tap to switch" is selected: Switch scope when you tap the aim button
(You can tell which scope you have switched to with the changed "cross-hair" UI when you tap the button.)