Miramar is a map featuring valleys and was inspired by a dry desert.

PUBG Mobile has improved the existing Miramar map with the 0.18.0 update and released the new Miramar 2.0.

In Miramar 2.0, you can find the Oasis, which was not available before, and looting items has become easier with more buildings added to some areas.

Additionally, we've introduced the 'Vending Machine' which provides you with must-have items in dry weather. You can randomly acquire 'energy drinks' or 'painkillers'.

The vending machines will appear very randomly inside the buildings. If you are lucky enough, you’ll even encounter 8 max. So, rush yourself to find one-!

However, once it’s used, it needs time to be refilled and if the machine is destroyed, you’ll never be able to use it anymore so be aware.

Also, while you discover all corners of Miramar, you’ll find the “racing tracks”.

Why don’t you be “the one” who finds the one-and-only golden Mirado inside the map and race against the enemy who you encounter accidently in the middle of the world.