To create a healthy game culture, PUBG Mobile has introduced a merit system where the scores of all players can be deducted from 100 in the conditions below.

▶ Merit Reduction Rules
1. If a continuous friendly fire is detected (3 times or more a week), the Merit goes down.
2. If you are on the same team with a cheater repeatedly within 7 days, you will lose the Merit by 15 points each time.
3. If you violate other rules, a certain amount of Merit will be deducted.
※ A pop-up window will appear for a Merit deduction of the player who committed friendly fire, and if you click 'OK,' the Merit will be deducted.
※ The Merit deducted by a teammate's report or the game system will not be recovered or compensated without justification.

Moreover, please refer to the instructions on how you can check out detailed Merit Rules of PUBG Mobile and on how you can raise the Merit in Classic Mode.

▶ How to check the Merit Rules
1. Press a helmet-shaped icon on the left side slide or on the top of the Lobby screen.
2. Select Tier on the upper right side of Space.
3. Select "Tier Overview".
4. Select "?" icon on the right side of Merit.
5. Check Merit Rules

▶ How to raise your Merit in Classic Mode
1. Every time the individual final score makes the top 1~10, 3 points are added.
2. Every time the individual final score makes the top 11~50, 2 points are added.
3. Every time the individual final score is in the top 51~100, 1 point is added.

Lastly, the Merit score is displayed in the game in UTC and note that 9 hours have to be added for KST.