You can attach a variety of attachments to guns in PUBG Mobile.

1) Flash Hider
- Reduces muzzle flash and recoil
2) Suppressor
- Reduces sound and recoil
3) Compensator
- Reduces horizontal and vertical recoil
4) Barrel Extender
- Compensates reduction of firepower per distance and extends effective range of ammo
5) Shotgun Choke
- Reduces pellet spread and increases bullet speed
6) Duckbill (Shotgun)
- Reduces horizontal spread

1) Quickdraw Mag
- Reduces reloading time
2) Extended Mag
- Increases the number of bullets on magazine
3) Extended Quickdraw Mag
- Reduces reloading time and increases the number of bullets on magazine

- Reduced spread and recoil

1) Angled Foregrip
- Increases speed of aim and reduces verticle & horizontal recoil
2) Vertical Foregrip
- Reduces vertical recoil
3) Light Grip
- Increases stability and recovery from recoil
4) Half Grip
- Reduces recoil and recovery time from recoil, and reduces stability
5) Thumb Grip
- Increases speed of aim greatly, and reduces recoil slightly
6) Laser Sight
- Reduces bullet deviation in ADS

- Canted Sight, Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, 2X scope, 4X scope, 6X scope and 8X scope.
(The aiming sight expands depending on the magnifying power of scope.)

[Bullet Loop]
- SR/Shotgun exclusive; reduces reloading time

[Cheek Pad]
- SR exclusive; reduces vertical recoil

[Quiver for Crossbow]
- Reduces reloading time